eye catching shoes πŸ’–

Hi everyone,

If you follow me for a while, the thought that enters your mind now is “hold on….I’ve seen this outfit post before..?”. Well, yes! I have to repost it as I was doing some clearing work on my blog and by mistake I have deleted it πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ don’t judge πŸ™, we are all clumsy every once in a while 😜 anyway, never mind, I’m happy to repost it as I would wear this look again. It’s one of the timeless outfits. Just a midi black faux leather skirt and roll neck polo combined with eye catching pair of shoes. This time however I’d put a different jacket on as it’s getting quite cold here in UK. Perhaps a long navy blue or black coat or a midi length faux fur jacket (like the one I’ve worn here).

Funny, when I look at these photos (from autumn 2018), I can see how much I changed. I used to wear such a heavy make-up back then. Now I barely put mascara on. Can’t believe this! Before I couldn’t leave the house without having the dark smokey eyes and pink enhanced cheekbones. It’s amazing how much time (and money) I’m saving now since I don’t use so much make up these days. πŸ™Œ Not to mention my skin is happier too :)) How about you?? Do you prefer the natural look or use make up on daily basis??

Anyway have a great evening and weekend ahead. I will upload some similar pieces below so you can shop the look if you like it. Sending my love, Basia πŸ’š


8 thoughts on “eye catching shoes πŸ’–

  1. Nice photos~! But this post brings to mind a question I have: does a lady dress primarily for her own pleasure, or to impress others such as other women, or men. I feel that it includes all three. Also your statement about your taste changing would say a lot about your own life; who do you need to impress~? A new friend, lover, or co-workers.

    For a crude comment from an old man. In this poem I talk about the view from the other side. I hope you find it more funny, than an observation about how the ladies dress~!



    • beautiful poem ❀️ you’re very talented πŸ™Œ
      and to your question… I guess a lady tries to impress the same kind of person / or people, whom a gentleman with a fancy car tries impressing too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ it all depends… as you said, some do it for their own pleasure, some to impress others.

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  2. Hello Basia, luckily for me I have not seen this outfit before! You are right we are all a little clumsy I can vouch for that! Very stylish look from 2018. The shoes are unique cute and fun. I don’t believe I have them in my closet! your makeup looks great. Wishing you a happy Wednesday take care,Terri xoxo.

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