Top 10 Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

How we dress can definitely impact the way we feel and given current circumstances designers decided to approach this season with two opposite ideas. SS21 season will certainly be like no other before.

Covid restrictions and the new routine of working from home defiantly had its impact on current fashion trends. Plenty of designers showcased comfy looks, like including hoodies in their collections. Or loose denim, or flat sneakers. In fact, if you weren’t a huge fan of smart-casual outfits before, this is the perfect time to try it. This season fashion shows were packed with those looks. Office outfits just couldn’t get any comfier! Imagine midi skirts, or formal wide-leg trousers matched with hoodies and sneakers. That’s the ultimate effortless, comfy yet smart look.

But designers also presented pieces from the opposite spectrum. Very sensual and feminine. Such as micro skirts, second-skin tops, and dresses with open back. To represent hope and optimism catwalks were full of different shades of vibrant colours, plenty of feel-good prints in multitude of fabrics and textures.

Keep scrolling down to get the top 10 spring / summer fashion trends for 2021. With carefully selected beautiful pieces that you can shop from each trend.


As Net-a-Porter said in their SS21 presentation “Many of our designers embraced an optimistic point of view for Spring”. This season we will see plenty of pastel colours, from baby blue and magic mint to subtle lavender and warm fuchsia. These shades are very soothing so you wear them from head to toe.


Rainbow stripes, floral, swirling or vintage-inspired prints, all in vibrant colours. That’s the motif for SS21. Very joyful, full of hope, dreams and optimism. You can play it safe and wear one print at the time or be daring and match clashing prints and colours together.


It’s time to show some legs! This season is all about mini skirts and shorts. And you’ve got plenty of styles, textures or colours to choose from: A-line minis, which are coming back to style this season, ruched or pleated skirts, denim micro shorts, in monochrome, floral prints and many more.


We continue feeling comfortable in our outfits for another season. This time however instead of choosing sweatpants, let’s go for wide-leg trousers. They look amazing in any shade of pastel colours, or with floral prints. But don’t worry, if you feel more comfortable wearing classic- monochrome always works! You can go for the classic colours, simple black or white, and wear it with statement accessories.


If you don’t know it yet, it’s time to ditch the skinny jeans. And by “ditch” I don’t necessarily mean throwing it away, just putting it in a back of your closet and making some room for loose, baggy jeans. This season it’s all about comfortable and relaxed denim fit. These were part of so many catwalks for SS21, even Victoria Beckham for the first time displayed denim in her main collection.


These feel like a second-skin. Close to body, hugging and shape-revealing clothing. And most important of all very comfortable as they are made of stretchy materials. So let’s celebrate our beautiful bodies this season and show them off in sensual dresses, knitted skirts or mesh tops.


If you’re not a huge fan of body hugging, sensual tops this one should make you happy. Although we are saying goodbye to sweatpants, comfortable and relaxed hoodies are still in style this season. Many designers included them in their SS21 collections. Match them with oversized denim for an ultimate relaxed look, or simply wear it over a dress, it will go both with loose or body-hugging dress. For a casual-smart outfit wear a black sweatshirt with wide-leg trousers and heels.


Give your outfits a little bit of twist by showing your skin through quirky, detailed cut-outs. Or go for a ‘full-version’ by displaying your entire back as dresses and tops with open backs are also hot this season. SS21 gives you many alternatives for showing off your skin and body. If you like to reveal your waist line you can do so by wearing crop-tops with wrap-around straps. Pair them with wide-leg trousers or midi skirts for the perfect spring outfit.


The “it bag” for 2021 is baguette. Yes, we are going back to the 90s as fashion is definitely part of the never-ending cycle, with trends going out of style and coming back in again. If you watched ‘Sex and the City’, and I’m 99% sure anyone reading this post has watched it, you must remember the episode when Carrie Bradshaw gets robbed and demanded “Ma’am I need that bag”, then she replies “Oh, it’s not a bag. It’s a Baguette.” That iconic baguette was first launched in 1997 and now it’s having its come back.


Retro-feel, color-blocked, or classic. Whichever you choose, the one common feature they all have is – ultimate comfort. Sneakers has elevated beyond the gym floor to give us the perfect combination of casual-smart outfits. Style them with a suit, or midi skirt for a chic, casual-smart look. For a relaxed, every day look match them with denim or mini skirt and oversized top.


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