sweater weather

Hi everyone, How are you all? How was your weekend? I went to the seaside on Sunday as I needed a break from the city. It was such a chilly 🥶 but beautiful and sunny day ☀️. Loved it. A short (well, not so short, over 10km) walk on the coast path was what I … Continue reading sweater weather


Aldo shoe’s pom poms

Hi guys, Today's post is all about shoes...actually about accessories for shoes. Don't you ever get tired and bored of your simple pumps or how ordinary your trainers look?  Well you not the only one, and even though every woman is "allowed" to have as many pair of shoes as she wish 😛 sometimes that … Continue reading Aldo shoe’s pom poms

Saint London XVI watch

Hi guys, So as you know, I've always said details are very important in every outfit.  You can enhance your looks with earrings, bracelets, rings, belts...etc but the most important thing of all is a watch.  I love watches which are timeless and which I can wear with any outfit.  The Saint London XVI company … Continue reading Saint London XVI watch