Travel- UAE

Hi guys, I know, I know.. I said - February will be the month when more things will come on the blog...well, we are in March now :/ you know how it happens, you plan something, you announce it and then your life becomes so busy that it doesn't give you any breathing space to work on it. … Continue reading Travel- UAE


Madrid Royal Palace

Hi everyone, So I am finally back from my 1 month Spanish trip, however I still have few more pictures to share with you from Spain. Photos from this post were taken in Madrid during my visit to the Royal Palace. The Palace contains -only- 3,418 rooms : )) and is known of its interior … Continue reading Madrid Royal Palace

Temple of Debod

Hi everyone, I am posting some pictures from my trip to Madrid, at the Temple of Debod.  Some history check: Temple of Debod is an ancient Egyptian temple which was taken apart and donated to Spain in 1968 by Egyptian state as a symbol of gratitude.  The Temple of Debod is situated around water which … Continue reading Temple of Debod