Borrow it from Him 2

Hello everyone 🌸 how's your day going? I've been so busy today, can't wait for the weekend now. The weather is going to be sunny and warm so I'm panning a little getaway to a countryside with Martini 🐢. Are you planning anything this weekend?? with the weather getting wormer each day I cannot just … Continue reading Borrow it from Him 2

Turtle neck sweater

Hi everyone, How's your weekend? Mine was very peaceful and quiet. It was raining heavily all day on Saturday so I just stayed indoors, watched movies and read (well, only one chapter...but better something than nothing 😜) a book. One movie I liked a lot, "Jungle" with Daniel Radcliffe as a main character. Based on … Continue reading Turtle neck sweater

12 quotes you might need in 2021

Hello everyone ❀️ As this is my first post in 2021 ... Happy New Year to you all 🌟🌟 I'll be honest with you.... I'm struggling a little with what to write πŸ™ˆ Gosh!! After a long break (less than a month lol) from blogging, my "creative" writing just went out of the window πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ … Continue reading 12 quotes you might need in 2021